A/C Clothing

Stay cool on hot summer days with our air-conditioned clothing! Featuring advanced air-conditioning technology, our clothing helps regulate body temperature and humidity, keeping you feeling refreshed at all times. With a lightweight and breathable design, you can enjoy a cool breeze even in the scorching heat. Whether you're working outdoors or indoors, our air-conditioned clothing ensures a comfortable experience. Beat the summer heat and stay cool with our air-conditioned clothing!

Heated Jacket

Stay warm in the cold winter days with our heated clothing! Utilizing unique heating technology, our clothing provides long-lasting warmth, dispelling the chill. The comfortable and soft material offers a cozy feeling and takes care of your body. Whether you're embarking on outdoor adventures or enjoying indoor relaxation, our heated clothing will provide you with warmth and comfort.


Heat therapy utilizes the application of heat to the body, generating a series of physiological and pathological changes by heating specific areas or the entire body. It aims to relieve pain, promote blood circulation, and relax muscles, among other effects.

Heated Vest

Stay warm in the cold winter with our Instant Warmth Heated Vest! Utilizing advanced heating technology, our vest instantly provides you with warmth. The lightweight and comfortable design ensures that you stay warm even in chilly wind. Let our heated vest accompany you through a cozy winter!

Heated Gloves

Say goodbye to cold hands in the winter and keep them warm with our Heated Gloves! Featuring the latest technology and built-in heating elements, these gloves quickly heat up, providing you with instant warmth for your hands. With their soft material and comfortable design, you can stay cozy and comfortable even in cold weather. Embrace the winter and start with our Heated Gloves!

OEM&ODM customization.

Our company offers a wide range of innovative products that provide long-lasting and even warmth, helping users stay comfortable in cold weather.

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Dongguan Southern Sparkle Wearable Technology Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Dongguan Southstar Electronics. It is founded in 2015 and specializes in developing the domestic and international markets of smart apparel.

Southern Sparkle has its own smart apparel brand “ELEHEAT”. It is committed to providing a full range of smart apparel OEM/ODM services for domestic and international apparel brands. The main products include heated apparel, air-conditioning apparel, thermal clothing physical therapy products, intelligent accessories, etc.

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ELEHEAT Products

We have a wide range of heating and cooling suits for your reference and selection, we also can do customization to
meet your demand!

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Start your adventure, we are divided to provide the best solutions for various of industries!

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  • Years Of Experience In The Smart Apparel Industry


    Years Of Experience In The Smart Apparel Industry

    The production department of the company has 10,000 squaremeters of production workshop, 400 square meters of electric heating module workshop and 500 square meters of dust-free packaging workshop. It can produce all kinds of electric heating modules.

  • Own Designers, Strong Supply Capacity


    Own Designers, Strong Supply Capacity

    Own layout room and layout designer, car layout division,cutting division, skilled staff, professional three-dimensional computer design, mature production line in own factory, the company uses assembly line operation to improve work efficiency and output.

  • Strict Quality Inspection And Delivery On Time


    Strict Quality Inspection And Delivery On Time

    Our company has very strict quality requirements, ensuring extraordinary quality and quality products. Under the premise of ensuring quality, we can deliver goods quickly and on time.

  • Certifications



    Established a complete after-sales service system and quality management system, aiming to provide customers with high-quality services.

Customer Reviews

Your satisfaction is the driving force of our unremitting progress!

- Catherine

These gloves are super warm even without the battery operated part in use. This interior material is very soft. It requires 2 batteries but there is an on/off switch can be helpful. The glove covers the hand and further up forearm than most gloves. Will be perfect for outdoor sporting spectator events.

- Catherine
- Amelia Milly

They are nice looking socks . It will be great in the winter when it's still cold but not freezing temperatures . People love how the LED light, lights up and you can see what temperature you have it set on with the colors. And the socks can keep you warm. Very good!

- Amelia Milly
- Bella

I absolutely love this coat. Had never know of these and I’m glad I do now. All you have to do is plug in a small battery pack and it heats up so quick! I’m usually a very cold person so this is great as it heats my back and chest. Love that it’s also water proof and has a nice weight to it so even without turning it in it’s still very warm!

- Bella

Once I tried this heated jacket, I don’t know how I lived without one! The fleece is very comfortable and allows for good movement. I do love it but the sizing was not right. It says it is a women’s fleece jacket so I ordered it based on woman sizing. It must actually be unisex because the Medium was huge on me. I returned it and ordered a small which still is a little big but it works.

- Elina

I was surprised to find that the sweater is pretty thick on its own, so it's cozy to wear even without the heat turned on. The heat feature has been so nice for outdoor socially distanced firepit chats with our pandemic pod and winter hikes. It's a really nice quality investment, and I've been so grateful to have it this year.

- Elina


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